[weboob] Weboob will become woob

Romain Bignon romain at weboob.org
Sun Feb 21 10:24:37 CET 2021


When weboob was started in 2010, 11 years ago, the name was chosen, without a
hidden agenda, since as a French speaker, "boob" wasn't part of my vocabulary.

Following its release and the ensuing reactions, during its first years, the
project was complemented with various provocative elements (icons, application
names, English slurs in the code). This was done with the sole motive that at
that time, it was seen as "fun".

But in practice, it's been years the project isn't following this approach
anymore, it's used as an essential building block of professional companies, the
provocative elements are progressively removed, and the professionnalisation
question is being raised.

Recently, a notorious weboob contributor has ended his own life and it was later
discovered he had an affinity for far-right pro-conspiracy groups.

The weboob team do not recognize themselves in this extreme ideology, from which
they are very far. It was decided to finally remove remaining items which were
irrelevant to the technical qualities of the weboob project, and which harm the
visibility it deserves.

This raised once more the issue of the project name, which gained some
notoriety, but is still heavily associated to the poor taste jokes typical from
its early years.

This is why it was decided to adopt a neutral and more professional position. To
start again with a clean slate and mark a real turning point, it was also
decided to rename weboob. The chosen name is "woob", since the project could
have been named that way in the first place, and as it's close to the current
name, it's possible to link the two names and still keep the original motto "Web
Outside Of Browsers".

Those changes will be done in the weeks following this announcement, and after
them a new version will be released.


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