[weboob] New repository on gitlab.com

Sébastien Hinderer Sebastien.Hinderer at ens-lyon.org
Wed Apr 7 12:27:16 CEST 2021

Dear Vincent,

Many thanks for your response!

Vincent A (2021/04/07 10:14 +0200):
> Hi Sébastien,
> > ~/src/woob$ git show
> > commit 2a616af06710ce29fd02b1996e86513fa876b21d (HEAD -> master,
> origin/master, origin/HEAD)
> > [...]
> There was indeed a bug, could you git pull, install again and retry to run
> woob update?

Sure. I got two new commits.

>From the top directory, I do:

~/src/woob$ mkdir -p ~/.local/woob/bin/
~/src/woob$ ./tools/local_install.sh ~/.local/woob/bin/

That works, but only the woob file is installed in the specified
directory. Is that expected?

Output of woob update:
=== [  0%] Getting http://updates.weboob.org/2.1/main/
=== [100%] All modules are up-to-date.

> > Any chance to fix this? Will I have to re-configure my backend once all
> > this works again?
> No, you don't have to reconfigure. By the way, the config paths moved from
> ~/.config/weboob to ~/.config/woob.

Yes, it seems everything is working properly agian, thanks!

I'll just have to adapt my scripts to call woob bank rather than

Best wishes,


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