[weboob] Plan to release weboob 1.4

Laurent Bachelier laurent at bachelier.name
Thu Jan 3 11:40:18 CET 2019

On 2019-01-03 09:38, Ivan Ivanov wrote:
> For the newcomers, please could you tell what browser1 module is for
> (there's only a few info for "weboob" "browser1" search request at the
> internet) . + Is it based on some existing web browser, and what is
> the difference between browser1 and (current?) browser2 ? From those
> listed, fourchat module might be interesting to me because I visit
> 4chan a lot


Browser1 and Browser2 are our internal names for when we were developing
the new Browser.

Browser1 = weboob.deprecated.browser (based on Mechanize, only working
on Python 2)
Browser2 = weboob.browser (we wrote our own Mechanize based around
requests and lxml, works for both Python 2 and 3, has Filters, less
bugs, etc.)

Browser1 is one of the things that prevent us from migrating to Python 3.

The fourchan module hasn't worked for years unfortunately. I'd like to
rewrite it using their API which looks nice. Also, there's the issue of
images which I don't think are handled, which makes it kinda useless!
That capability was more thought for traditional forums.

But it would be great to support image boards in general. Maybe a Qt
application is the solution for this.

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