[weboob] License changed to LGPLv3+

Romain Bignon romain at symlink.me
Wed Feb 27 10:45:13 CET 2019

Hello everybody,

The core team of weboob has approved two months ago now the idea of changing
the license of the weboob core library from AGPL to LGPL.

The reason why weboob was under the AGPL license is because of an
misunderstanding of the AGPL, as I wrote on April 2011:

“With the GNU Affero General Public License, end-users of an application (based
on Weboob) may get the source code of Weboob.” [1]

In fact, the AGPL is “propagating” all applications using weboob even through
the network, which is not what was expected.

As time goes by, several applications were created around weboob, many by
companies, maybe in violation of the AGPL, even if it was (and will still be)
profitable for weboob regarding the huge number of contributions.

Changing the license was touchy, as we needed the acceptance of all
contributors. It took around one month to get most of them. With some
exceptions, it is now done, and we re-licensed all the codebase, and removed
(fortunately minor) contributions from authors who didn't responded.

There is now a better separation between the weboob core's license, and the
weboob modules' ones. Most of weboob modules are currently still distributed
under the AGPL. This will probably change over the time as the now default
license is LGPL, and some modules (bank ones) will be relicensed to LGPL.

This will not change how companies interact with weboob, on the contrary, it
will sustain the relation as the legal risk is evacuated.


[1] https://lists.symlink.me/pipermail/weboob/2011-April/000274.html

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