[weboob] GPG signature issues on updates.weboob.org

Florent Fourcot weboob at flo.fourcot.fr
Sun Jan 8 14:37:54 CET 2017


I you updated weboob modules since last week, you perhaps noticed some 
gpg signatures error.

The source of the error is the new Keybox format introduced by gpg 2.1, 
that previous gpg version (including gpg 2.0) cannot read.

Since gpg 2.1 is not available on all systems (like Debian jessie), we 
cannot start to use this new format without many errors for users. We 
now force the use of gpg1 on the build server, everyone should be able 
to validate the new signatures.

However, your keyring has been "corrupted" if you already updated you 
repository. If you still get gpg issues today, you have two options:

  * remove the downloaded keyring file (usually 
And run "weboob update" again
  * or upgrade to gpg 2.1

Sorry for that. But good news, weboob 1.2 is now ready for the release!

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