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Richard Stallman rms at gnu.org
Sun Dec 24 21:40:06 CET 2017

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  > Sometimes, weboob needs to execute the JS from websites to work, because of
  > weird anti-scrapping protections.  It is the case for PayPal, for which we use
  > node.js to execute the javascript fetched from the website to authenticate.

Using that approach is a serious problem.  The JS code from PayPal is
nonfree, and running nonfree code means surrendering your freedom.
Running the site's nonfree JS code makes it function, but it isn't a
solution in the free world.

How do you reach the conclusion that weboob needs to execute the nonfree JS
code from that site?

You surely tried simply not running any JS code for those sites, and
it failed.  But that is not the only freedom-respecting solution.

For instance, a good solution is writing your own code (perhaps in JS,
perhaps in another language) to do the same job that the site's own JS
code does.

Can you ask volunteers to try doing this?

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