[weboob] [PATCH 1/1] new module openedx

Laurent Bachelier laurent at bachelier.name
Wed Feb 17 11:02:56 CET 2016

On 2016-02-17 10:28, Simon Lipp wrote:
> I see that there’s already such a match method in URL, but I’m not
> exactly sure how req.url and URL.match works with baseurl. Looks like
> URL.match always try to prepend a base url ; but I’m unsure if req.url
> is guaranteed to always be a full url (domain + path + query-string) or
> can sometimes be just a path.

If you use DomainBrowser or PagesBrowser, the open() method will always
prepend the base URL before calling prepare_request(), unless the URL is
already absolute.

In other cases, just call url = self.absurl(url) to make sure.

If you use "params", which I think is used by requests to build a query
string, it won't be in the URL though. But as long as you build the URL
with the URL class everything should be fine.

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