[weboob] Weboob 1.1 is coming soon

Florent Fourcot weboob at flo.fourcot.fr
Wed Aug 12 17:49:38 CEST 2015


after months of development, the new Weboob version is coming soon. It 
will be hard to summarize the ~800 commits, and I cannot cheat for the 
changelog since we do not have any "revolutionary" feature for this version.

However, we have some cool new stuff like the StateBrowser, new filters 
for javascript, new applications, new modules, etc. It's really time to 

Before the release (I cannot announce a real deadline for now), we still 
need some work, including:
  * Romain is working on a rename of "weboob-config" application to 
"weboob". The goal is to be more user friendly.
  * Many bugs are unreplied or pending on the tracker. If you have time, 
it could be great to help for sorting/replying, in order to have a clean 
tracker before the release.

If you are developer, and you have something pending that you want to 
see in the release, please let me know.

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