[weboob] Installation of the Weboob plugin for KMyMoney

Romain Bignon romain at symlink.me
Sat Sep 20 12:07:59 CEST 2014


On 15/Sep - 17:00, Vincent Frison wrote:
> - if I try to map an account to an online account I have the choice between
> ofx and qbanking only (no weboob)
> - if I open the settings dialog of KMM, in the plugin section I can see all
> plugins but no weboob
> - on KMM bootstrap I can see that KMM initializes all plugins but not
> theWeboob plugin (and there's no error or warning message)
> Any one has a clue ?
> I'm using Debian Wheezy (stable) so my Weboob paquet is pretty old (0.c).

That's berhaps the reason why it fails. Try to install weboob from sources or
from the testing package.

Also, the developer of the KMyMoney plugin is on vacation, perhaps he'll be able
to answer you in few days.

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