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Florent Fourcot flo at fourcot.fr
Wed Oct 22 21:18:38 CEST 2014

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Hello folks,

I'm very proud to announce the release of Weboob 1.0, the first stable
We achieved (almost) all our goals, and we are on time. The activity
rate was very high last month, and I think that the quality is very good.

Your first question is maybe "why/finally a stable version?". Well, the
Browser2 project is now very stable. The filter system makes the parsing
really easier. After four year of experience, we think that we are ready
to release something stable.

This major version is a guarantee for developers that we will not change
the API is the life cycle of the 1.X branch. Of course, incremental
changes are ok, but we will not break the current API. It should help
develop "out of tree" tools.

For a short changelog since the 0.j version, the API big-bang is done.
If you have some tools outside of the official tree, you should upgrade
very carefully.
The first browser has been deprecated (it means that no new module
should be written with it). The "browser2" can now be imported with
"weboob.browser". The class WebNip has been improved, and you can now
access modules like a dictionary: weboob[modulename].
There is a new debug mode for filters, that you can activate in REPL
application with the option "-dd".

For users, Benjamin did a lot of works on flatboob and modules to search
housings. He also added a "LIMIT" keyword for the condition options. It
restricts the number of results to search in.
You can now use it like that:

boobank history account at backend --condition 'date>2013-12-01 LIMIT 10'

I'm very happy of Oleg's contributions, it adds a second American bank
to weboob, and some interesting tools. Laurent centralized the encoding
in application, and Romain improved the encoding guessing in the browser.

Thanks to every contributor of Weboob for this release!

For more details, please refer to the full changelog: http://weboob.org/news

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