[weboob] Module for bank Fineco (Italy)

Flo weboob at flo.fourcot.fr
Fri Oct 10 17:25:50 CEST 2014


> find attached the code for the module for the Italian banking site Fineco.

thanks for your patch (and sorry the delay). Please found some comments

> +    def iter_coming(self, account):
> +        """
> +        Iter coming transactions on a specific account.
> +
> +        :param account: account to get coming transactions
> +        :type account: :class:`Account`
> +        :rtype: iter[:class:`Transaction`]
> +        :raises: :class:`AccountNotFound`
> +        """
> +        raise NotImplementedError()

If you do not implement the method, you can remove it.

> +    def transfer(self, account, recipient, amount, reason):

The same here.

> from weboob.tools.browser import BaseBrowser

You use the "old" browser, it will be deprecated in Weboob 1.0. It is
not mandatory to be included, but the tools of the "new" browser are
often more simpler for developpers.

You can have a look on banks like banqueaccord, ING, carrefourbanque,
etc, for some examples.

> +class AccountsPage(BasePage):
> +    TYPES = {'C/C':             Account.TYPE_CHECKING,
> +             'Livret':          Account.TYPE_SAVINGS,
> +             'Pret':            Account.TYPE_LOAN,
> +             'Compte Courant':  Account.TYPE_CHECKING,
> +             'Compte Cheque':   Account.TYPE_CHECKING,
> +             'Compte Epargne':  Account.TYPE_SAVINGS,
> +            }

It is only an example, you have a lot of codes which is a copy/paste
from another module. Since the definitions are in french, it probably
does not work for you, you can remove it.

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