[weboob] The Weboob API big-bang

Flo weboob at flo.fourcot.fr
Thu Oct 2 11:19:48 CEST 2014


in order to prepare the 1.0, we prepare a stable API for the lifetime of
1.X branch, and we moved/renamed some part of Weboob.

Already in the development branch:

 * Renamed BaseBackend class to Module
 * Renamed BackendTest.BACKEND to BackendTest.MODULE
 * Renamed all backend.py to module.py
 * Renamed BaseApplication to Application
 * Renamed BaseCap to Capability
 * Renamed BasePage to Page
 * Renamed BaseBrowser to Browser

 * We moved CleanHTML from filters.standard to filters.html
 * We removed the filters.* import.

For the next steps, we need some feedbacks and perhaps ideas to cleanup
the API. From IRC, the current ideas are:

 * Move weboob.tools.browser2 to weboob.browser (already pushed to
 * Move weboob.tools.exceptions to weboob.core.exceptions
 * Move the Module class from weboob.tools.backend to weboob.core.module
 * Move weboob.tools.browser to weboob.deprecated.browser
 * Move weboob.tools.parser to weboob.deprecated.browser.parser

Any comments is welcome.

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