[weboob] Filtering on fields: some comments

Guilhem Bonnefille guilhem.bonnefille at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 22:51:07 CET 2014


Still working on my glue for integrating videoob in Totem via Grilo.

I've juste realized that Grilo express wich fields are expected as
result of a query. So, I updated my glue in order to translate this
info and pass it to the --select option. Doing so, the goal is to
force (or not) videoob to retrieve information requiring a two-pass
(like "url" field). But the behavior is not really what I expected.

When browsing, "videoob ... ls" complaint:

Bug(youtube): Field "author" not found for object latest (Latest YouTube videos)
Use --debug option to print backtraces

As "author" is an information that can be retrieve if the listed
"virtual folder" contains videos, I do not expect an error, but
eventually just a warning, or nothing.
Is it possible to change that?

When searching, the Grilo expect some information about thumbnail.
If I translate directly this to videoob (--select ...t,thumbnail,...)
the request is long. Looking at code, I feel that videoob try to
download thumbnails.
If I ignore this field, the thumbnail information is not provided in result.

Is there a way to request videoob to expose thumbnail information
(url) without downloading the thumbnail?

Thanks in advance for comments.
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