[weboob] More youtube feeds

Laurent Bachelier laurent at bachelier.name
Mon May 5 15:14:44 CEST 2014

On 2014-05-05 08:59, Guilhem Bonnefille wrote:
> Hi (again),
> Hacking on grilo to integrate weboob as a plugin, I discovered that
> grilo's youtube plugin provide a lot of "feeds" while weboob provides
> only 'latest'.
> Grilo proposes: top rated, top favorites, most viewed, most popular
> and many others.
> How difficult it is to add such feeds to weboob?

It is very easy thanks to the collections. Many modules already have
similar things.
What I would like is also user filtering, i.e. see one user's latest
One just has to find out how to do it with the GData API which we are
already using for the search.

> https://github.com/guyou/grilo-plugins/blob/weboob/src/youtube/grl-youtube.c
> PS: I think this subject should be tracked as an issue, but the issue
> manager seems not open (probably require a registration).
You now need to register, unfortunately because of spammers.

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