[weboob] How to browse videos in batch?

Romain Bignon romain at symlink.me
Mon May 5 09:20:08 CEST 2014


On 05/May - 08:52, Guilhem Bonnefille wrote:
> I'm a new weboob user. Recently, I hacked a Gnome-shell extension in
> order to have videoob search results directly in the Gnome-shell
> search:
> http://nathguil.free.fr/nikola/posts/videoob-search-provider-pour-gnome-shell.html
> (french)

Yes, we came upon this, it is nice (but it makes little freezes during

> A realized that this integration is probably not so useful. So, I
> decided to hack in an other way: integrate weboob multimedia features
> in totem. With recent version of totem, this seems to request hacking
> grilo. So I started a grilo-plugin:
> https://github.com/guyou/grilo-plugins/tree/weboob/src/weboob
> For this hack, I decided to use raw C, so development is quite long
> and hard. But I think I will have something working in few days.
> In order to simplify, currently I'm running a videoob process each
> time I need an information. But as I'm new to weboob, I'm not able to
> find the more effective command lines.

There is a POC application that shares weboob commands in dbus. I don't know if
it is a more efficient, as it needs to have a daemon launched all the time, but
that's an alternative.

> For example, in order to search for videos, I first launch a "videoob
> search" and then parse the result. I realized that this output does
> not contain the URL of the real media. I think I need to run a
> "videoob info" in order to retrieve full information about a video.
> Why such behavior? Is there a way to obtain full informations in a
> single request? Is this last solution more time consuming?
> I think it is not a really big problem as grilo seems to act in a
> similar way: a search pass is quite fast and a resolve pass allow
> plugin to improve search result.

Default behavior only returns fields that are easily found, so as the direct URL
of videos aren't present in search results pages, it is not filled by default.
You can force it by passing the --select parameter. In your case, it should be
"-s url" to get url. You can also give "-s \$full" to fill all possible fields.

Of course, asking videoob to fetch all available fields will take more time.

> Another example of misunderstanding is the way to "browse" a video provider.
> I discovered that "videoob ls" allow to have all feeds from all
> activated backend. Next, "videoob ls arte-live" allow to browse
> content of "arte-live" pseudo-directory. But I did not find how to
> browse content of a subdirectory: "videoob ls arte-live/1" does not
> work. At the same time, I found a possible solution: "videoob cd
> arte-live \; cd 1 \; ls" give a potential result.
> Is it the only way to do this request? Is there a simpler solution?

Yes, this is a limitation of the "ls" command of console applications. I think
we should enhance that.

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