[weboob] How to browse videos in batch?

Guilhem Bonnefille guilhem.bonnefille at gmail.com
Mon May 5 08:52:16 CEST 2014


I'm a new weboob user. Recently, I hacked a Gnome-shell extension in
order to have videoob search results directly in the Gnome-shell

A realized that this integration is probably not so useful. So, I
decided to hack in an other way: integrate weboob multimedia features
in totem. With recent version of totem, this seems to request hacking
grilo. So I started a grilo-plugin:

For this hack, I decided to use raw C, so development is quite long
and hard. But I think I will have something working in few days.

In order to simplify, currently I'm running a videoob process each
time I need an information. But as I'm new to weboob, I'm not able to
find the more effective command lines.

For example, in order to search for videos, I first launch a "videoob
search" and then parse the result. I realized that this output does
not contain the URL of the real media. I think I need to run a
"videoob info" in order to retrieve full information about a video.
Why such behavior? Is there a way to obtain full informations in a
single request? Is this last solution more time consuming?
I think it is not a really big problem as grilo seems to act in a
similar way: a search pass is quite fast and a resolve pass allow
plugin to improve search result.

Another example of misunderstanding is the way to "browse" a video provider.
I discovered that "videoob ls" allow to have all feeds from all
activated backend. Next, "videoob ls arte-live" allow to browse
content of "arte-live" pseudo-directory. But I did not find how to
browse content of a subdirectory: "videoob ls arte-live/1" does not
work. At the same time, I found a possible solution: "videoob cd
arte-live \; cd 1 \; ls" give a potential result.
Is it the only way to do this request? Is there a simpler solution?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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