[weboob] ICapPriceComparaison, OBJECTS directive and Comparaboob

Romain Bignon romain at symlink.me
Mon Mar 17 20:49:29 CET 2014


On 15/Mar - 20:04, Famille Os wrote:
> Digging into core source code, I found that OBJECTS methods are called
> only if NotLoaded are set on class members.
> As I understand, NotLoaded is a way for pages to "call' backend (and
> browser) on an other page.

It is used to prevent applications to call several pages if there is need for
only one field. So you can, in the get_* method, let some unavailable fields as
NotLoaded, and in fill_* know where to fetch extra fields asked.

There is also another constant, NotAvailable, to tell this information isn't
available anywhere on the website.

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