[weboob] ICapPriceComparaison, OBJECTS directive and Comparaboob

Famille Os vo.publique at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 19:14:55 CET 2014


As said before, I try to develop a new module for lacentrale.fr
I have some question about ICapPriceComparaison (in conjonction with
Comparaboob app):
- "get_price" seems to be called only in command line with external id
(ie when called in 2 times "comparaboob prices" then "comparaboob info
id at lacentrale)
Is it normal ?

I have define a OBJECTS [ Price: 'fill_price' ].
It seems that "fill_price" is never called.
I check comparaboob and never see fillobj(price,...). This is perhaps
the reason.
Should fillobj always be called by apps when ICap manipulate object ?

In fact the problem is that main page of lacentrale search result
don't give any information about vendor. We have to dig into a
specific product page.
Currently, I create an empty Shop (if not there is an exception...)
I don't want to call each specific page for all result...
I aim to implement the call of specific page into "fill_Price" from OBJECTS.
Is it the correct way to do this ?
If not, how to do this ?


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