[weboob] Module generation by examples

Romain Bignon romain at symlink.me
Sun Mar 2 12:58:34 CET 2014


On 02/Mar - 12:50, Famille Os wrote:
> I wonder if it is possible to develop a generator that produces a
> module from some informations (ICapXXX, web site url...) and some
> answer (to ICapXXX) examples ?!?
> This generator will create the framework of the module (easy) and
> create also some page analysis (css request or other methods) to
> extract informations that produces given examples (not so easy), ...
> with heuristics, try/verify/adapt algorithm ?

For the first part, there is already a script to do that (tools/boilerplate.py),
which could be improved to support specificities of capabilities. It may for
example finds abstract methods in capability and write them in backend.py.

For the second part, I don't understand exactly what do you want to do. The
script would requests the website to try to get automatically needed
information, for example with a ICapVideo website, it would find how to do a
search, and how to parse results?

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