[weboob] LaCentrale.fr module and IPriceComparaison

Famille Os vo.publique at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 13:43:56 CET 2014


I start a new module for lacentrale.fr (for car buying).

After digging into capabilities, I choose IPriceComparaison that seems to
be the best.
What do you think ?

The problem with IPriceComparaison is that there are 2 steps:
- list product and choose one
- get prices for that product

For my module, what is a product ?
1) second-hand car / new car ?
2) list of available cars ?
3) list of criteria ? how to combine valued criteria (like max kilometers)
4) only one product with the criteria ?

For now, I use 1) but I think to use 4).
If a backend return only one product, it is automatically choosen.
What do you think ?

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