[weboob] [RFC][PATCH] Redmine fixes

François Revol revol at free.fr
Tue Feb 11 22:17:48 CET 2014

I had to add this to get a batch of 200 tickets into a french localized
redmine from an ugly spreadsheet.

I'm not entirely sure of everything but it worked for me.

* add missing fields in Issue (and Project classes but not implemented):
** start and due dates
** tracker
** priority

* pass the fields values along

* fix custom fields using <select> lists
When using multiple-select lists, redmine seems to add a hidden text
input field with the same id as the <select> field, so we must ignore
hidden fields.

* fix custom fields with localized names (accented, with spaces) in the
frontend by dropping accents and replacing spaces in sanitize_key().

* Fix parsing some dates on a french redmine

* Don't fail when no category at all is defined

* Work around some encoding issues


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