[weboob] Release plan for 0.i

Flo weboob at flo.fourcot.fr
Wed Apr 2 15:21:29 CEST 2014


if the 0.i does not have (yet) a lot of new modules, it is time to plan
a release. With more than 400 commits, we are already in a high value of

Indeed, for developers, Browser2 is here! If you still not tried it, you
should do. The html forms are easier to manipulate, and the filters in
pages make parsing of webpages funny.

For examples of Browser2 modules, please see Creditmutuel, ING, hybride,
alloresto, etc. For all developers, the documentation is available here
: http://docs.weboob.org/api/tools/browser2/index.html
For french developers, there are some interesting posts on the planet:

For users, the "support for password retrieval from any cli tools" is a
good thing. There are some new modules (around 10), and a lot of fixes.

We therefore plan a release around the 1th may. The main missing feature
for me is probably to transparently rename a module, but there are
others one pending in the bug trackers. In the same way, Romain would
like to see a minimum of ~20 modules with Browser2 included before the



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