[weboob] Patches for Lacentrale

Flo weboob at flo.fourcot.fr
Wed Apr 2 14:57:36 CEST 2014


> Tell me if it is acceptable and if not what changes to do.

 * please rewrite the copyright with our name, and not Romain (all lines
like Copyright(C) 2012 Romain Bignon in the header files, Romain)
 * do not rewrite the manpages. Manpages are generated at the release
by a script.
 * please run tools/pyflakes.sh and fix all unused imports.
 * you could be interested to rewrite the browser and the pages with the
Browser2. It is not mandatory, but could be easier for you. Some links
to the documentation:

 http://docs.weboob.org/api/tools/browser2/index.html (english)



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