[weboob] 0.h Progress

Florent Fourcot weboob at flo.fourcot.fr
Tue Sep 3 19:55:53 CEST 2013


one month after the 0.g release, it is time to summarize the work on the 
upcoming 0.h version.

First, we have a lot of new radio modules:

  * Nihon no Oto               http://www.nihon-no-oto.com
  * difm                       http://www.di.fm
  * somafm                     http://somafm.com
  * Nectarine Demoscene Music  http://www.scenemusic.net
  * RockRadio.com              http://www.rockradio.com

and radioob supports now to select streams with the play command.

Others new modules:

  * colissimo    http://www.colissimo.fr/portail_colissimo/suivre.do
  * JVMalin.fr   http://www.jvmalin.fr
  * EDF          http://monagencepart.edf.fr

A quvi module is ready but not yet merged, for downloading videos on a 
lot of website.

In the core, the most important change is the new WebNip (Weboob in Non 
Integrated Programs) class, it allows better use of Weboob as a library.

It is not a development news, but french readers should have a look on 
the last Linux Pratique (6 pages on Weboob inside):

We are still far away of a new release, but let me know if you have some 
plan/target for the 0.h.


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