[weboob] Status of 0.h - plan for the release!

Vincent A dev at indigo.re
Thu Nov 28 01:26:06 CET 2013


> In related work, the new module OVS:
> http://git.symlink.me/?p=ntome/weboob.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ovs

The ovs backend from that branch doesn't implement ICapCalendarEvent but
ICapMessages, ICapMessagesPost and ICapContact. I implemented those some
time ago but it wasn't merged. I implemented the ICapCalendarEvent part
but only on a local branch. I'll push it once boobcoming either when
boobcoming is merged or when the messaging part is merged (I'm reluctant
to do it now as it's a local merge of 2 branches, and one of them has
--force pushes (boobcoming))

However, I have 2 other branches that implement ICapCalendarEvent:
sueurdemetal and pariskiwi. I'll repush them when the boobcoming's enums
are fixed.

I also have a mailinator branch (for ICapMessages), though its
usefulness could be questioned.

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