[weboob] Status of 0.h - plan for the release!

Flo weboob at flo.fourcot.fr
Wed Nov 27 14:16:26 CET 2013


this is probably the last point before the release. This mail contains a
small overview of changes, the work to do before the release (in my
point of view, feel you free to comment), and the plan for the release.

======== New ========

In the 0.h, we have first a lot of new radio modules:

 * Nihon no Oto               http://www.nihon-no-oto.com
 * difm                       http://www.di.fm
 * somafm                     http://somafm.com
 * Nectarine Demoscene Music  http://www.scenemusic.net
 * RockRadio.com              http://www.rockradio.com

in related works, radioob supports now to select streams with the play

Others new modules:

 * colissimo    http://www.colissimo.fr/     (CapParcel)
 * JVMalin.fr   http://www.jvmalin.fr        (CapTravel)
 * EDF          http://monagencepart.edf.fr  (CapBill)
 * indeed       http://www.indeed.fr         (CapJob)
 * quvi         lot of website               (CapVideo)
 * poivy        http://poivy.com             (CapBill)
 * cci          http://www.cci.fr/           (CapJob)
 * liberation   http://liberation.fr         (CapMessage)
 * github       http://github.com            (CapBugTracker)
 * velib/JCDecaux                            (CapGauge)
 * jacquieetmichel                           (CapVideo)

We have then two deleted/removed modules: ecrans, isohunt (websites are
Not a lot of changes in the core or in application. Some bug fixes,
little improvements, but nothing really exciting.

======== ToDo ========

I] To merge

a) easy

First, there are some pending patch to merge. It contains a new
application (boobcoming) and the new cap CapCalendar. I plan to merge it
soon, and it will probably be the major new feature of the release. You
can have a look on it here :

In related work, the new module OVS:

b) Not easy

This was the easy part of merge. The hard part is the project to
derivate CapVideo and CapAudio from the same BaseCapability. The current
works is here:

I would like to have it in 0.h, but we still do not have a consensus on
the best way to do that.

II] Others to do

a) To code

Some ideas/thing I would like to see in 0.h:
 * https://symlink.me/issues/1289
 * https://symlink.me/issues/1284
 * https://symlink.me/issues/1055
 * https://symlink.me/issues/1039

b) Documentation

Probably one of the highest priority:
 * https://symlink.me/issues/1275

c) To remove?

Transilien module is broken since the version 0.e. My question is them
the relevance to have module in a release, without any hope that someone
fix it (it is frustrating for new users to have buggy modules)

In the same way, prixcaburbants should be fixed. More generally, can we
find a way to signalize modules as broken on the website? We have now a
lot of modules, a lot of (external-)maintainers, and we have to find a
way to classify it to not frustrate users with not working modules.

======== Plan ========

There are still a lot to do, and to test. But since the number of new
modules (~20 with pending merge), we should plan a release soon. Maybe
the week of the 16th December?


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