[weboob] Plan for Weboob 0.g

Flo weboob at flo.fourcot.fr
Tue Jun 11 14:09:16 CEST 2013

Hello world,

more than two months after the 0.f release, it's time to plan the
Weboob 0.g. The changelog already contains:

 * ICapPackageTracking, with modules chronopost and ups
 * Arte Live Web for Arte module
 * vlille module (city bikes in Lille)
 * grooveshark module
 * supertoinette and allrecipes modules (recipes sites)

I probably forget something, it is only a short overview.

It comes with a lot of fixes, sometimes pretty grave like the import of
Pillow (it breaks some modules on the last Ubuntu version for example,
and probably soon all Debian Sid/testing installations).

So, I would like to make a release at the end of June/begin of July
(before the RMLL?). I planned to do this before this date:
 * close #1202/#1203 (lacks of attribute in ICapBill)
 * Test and merge ArretSurImages (#1103)

For Boobank, #1077 and #1080 are probably relevant to fix. #1079 will be
great too. In the core, #1139 is the priority (smarter count behaviour...).

What are your priorities for this version? Please let me know if you
planned something.

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