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 he says he never wanted to hear 
someone say, "Oh, THAT'S why he wrestles."In fact, though more gay and 
lesbian athletes are coming out in college, gay male professional athletes 
in major sports have waited to do so until they have left 
their sport, one of the more recent being Robbie Rogers, an American 
soccer player who played professionally in England. There have been reports 
that gay male athletes who are currently playing may be on the 
verge of going public.But women have already done so with little backlash.U.S. 
soccer star Megan Rapinoe, for instance, came out right before she played 
in last year's Olympics. WNBA star Seimone Augustus and the league's No. 
1 draft pick, Brittney Griner, are some of the more recent female 
athletes to follow suit.In Hollywood in recent years, both openly gay men 
and lesbians have had successful careers. And when it comes to television 
and movies, it appears there are more high-profile gay male characters.Still, 
while many see the two dads on the "Modern Family" sitcom as 
groundbreaking, others have a sense that the societal discomfort with gay 
men as parents is at the root of many of the jokes."A 
good portion of that is for comedic effect," says Don Todd, a 
32-year-old father in a two-dad family in Orange, Calif. He doesn't think 
most people would think it was as funny if the characters were 
two moms.Herek, the researcher at UC-Davis, has, in fact, found in surveys 
that heterosexuals think lesbians
 river to speed away.Mohamed 
threw me off to the side and ran to the car, she 
said. I remember seeing [Maria] dragging behind the car as my son 
pounded on the windows. It was so unreal to me. At that 
very moment, I knew this was all preplanned.Local authorities were less 
than helpful, and with no idea where her former husband had taken 
their son, Kalli turned to a Norwegian company for help. With each 
new bit of hope came a new charge until she had spent 
more than $100,000, depleting her savings and funds borrowed from relatives. 
Still, she seemed no closer to reuniting with her son.Kalli Atteya, who 
had already visited Egypt three times since the seeing her ex-husband drive 
off with their son, returned again in October, more determined than ever 
to bring back her boy. A local man whom she does not 
want to identify helped her find them and pull off the rescue.But 
Kalli will feel safer when the man she once loved is locked 
away and can no longer haunt the dreams of her and her 
son.State Department officials told FoxNews.com they are aware of Atteyas 
case, but declined to provide further details due to privacy concerns.One 
of the Departments highest priorities is the welfare of U.S. citizens overseas, 
the statement reads. This is particularly true for children, who our most 
vulnerable citizens.Attorney Jeffrey Evans, who lobbied a local district 
attorney to file charges against Atteya, acknowledged the possibility of 
his return to the 
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