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Sat Aug 3 16:06:40 CEST 2013

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Hello Weboob folks,

the new version 0.g has been released today. It include a lot of bug of
new interesting features. We was 18 contributors to work one, thanks to

== New applications ==

First, we are now able to search a job with (q)handjoob. Four French
modules are included (Apec, Adecco, Lolix, Pôle Emploi).

The second new application is parceloob, it allows to track parcel
around the world. Two modules are available (UPS, Chronopost).

== New in Core ==

In the core, the most interesting feature is probably the end of the
"maximum" limit for applications. It was very frustrating for a lot of
people to not have more than 10 results. The default behaviour is now to
restrict only some commands, and to display a warning if more results
are available.

Second major improvement, console applications now use colours to
display results. You need python-termcolor to see it (see
http://ftp-master.debian.org/new/python-termcolor_1.1.0-1.html for
Debian users).

For Ubuntu Users with Raring, the import of Pillow (python-imaging)
works with 0.g. It solves bugs with all modules using Virtualkeyboard.

== Small news ==

For bank users with professionals account, you can now use a lot of
standard modules for that. Be careful, it is not a new module but a
configuration option of old modules.

We add a cache for DNS requests. You can remove the entry in you
/etc/hosts for the module BNPorc.

If you are a fan of document archiving, you should have a look on the
three new CapBill modules.

For cyclist in Lille, the new module V'Lille is now available with the
application wetboobs. Do not let us disturb by the application name.

It is only a small overview of features, the full changelog is here:


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