[weboob] Roadmap for 0.d

Romain Bignon romain at symlink.me
Wed Oct 3 19:51:01 CEST 2012


The latest version of Weboob is five months old, so I think it's time to release
a new one, 0.d.

What happened last months? To be honest, not new great things. My efforts were
mainly around bank modules, because of my new professional activity[1].
Besides, I can cite:
— 10 new modules (vimeo, gdcvault, europarl, caissedepargne, ebonics,
leclercmobile, banquepopulaire, bred, cic, weather)
— a trivial system to check https servers certificates
— name change from “Web Out Of Browsers” to “Web Outside Of Browsers”

Even if there are no many novelties, I think it's good thing to release often.

The only missing feature I'd like to see in 0.d, is the stored cookies. It's
probably not complicated to implement.

The new browser, based on 'requests', will be the main objective for Weboob 0.e.


[1] I founded a company named Budget Insight <https://www.budget-insight.com>
where I use weboob in backend to retrieve users' transactions and to provide a
web interface to manage bank accounts.
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