[weboob] Weboob: the CrAgr module needs you

Xavier Guerrin xavier at tuxfamily.org
Mon Jun 11 08:28:24 CEST 2012


I am the maintainer of the CrAgr (Crédit Agricole) module for the Weboob 
project. I took the liberty to pick up your email addresses in the CrAgr-
related issues on the Weboob/symlink bugtracker.

As you already know, the region-based organization of this bank led to the 
creation of several variants of the website the module relies on. Of course, 
user accounts can be used only with the regional website they were created 
for, bringing low reliability and harder maintenance to the Weboob module.

I recently rewrote the most tricky part of this module, replacing conditions 
relying on the HTML structure with a text-based analysis. This should make 
it more reliable and limit the number of issues due to slight changes of the 
few known layouts. However, such a rewriting may break the module for your 
region even if the current version works perfectly. That's why I need your 
help to test the new code.

If you are willing to help improve the CrAgr module, you may either:
* test the new code itself, available on my Git repository[1]
* or send me the anonymized HTML responses generated by your regional 
website when consulting the accounts list and the account history. Regarding 
the latter, do not hesitate to test all your accounts and/or send me the 
HTML responses for several of them since some accounts may display extra 
information the module does not expect.

A note on anonymization: since the new code highly relies on what strings 
look like, please take care to keep data realistic. For instance:
* replace your account numbers with "12345678901" to "12345678905" instead 
of "xxxxxx" or "xxx_accountnumber_xxx";
* replace amounts with non-zero amounts formatted as the original ones;
* do not change date formats;
* take care not to change whitespaces or separator characters: tabs, non-
breakable spaces and even regular spaces may matter.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Xavier Guerrin
CrAgr maintainer

[1] http://git.symlink.me/?p=xavier/weboob.git
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