[weboob] weboob removal

Laurent Bachelier laurent at bachelier.name
Fri Feb 24 14:23:46 CET 2012

On 2012-02-24 14:02, Pierre Mazière wrote:
> basically you need to explain why weboob is a relevant name for this
> framework and that havesex does nothing else but describing the
> purpose of the application.
> Other considerations such as sexism accusations should be considered as bigotry.
> In french, "Debian" can be heard as "des bi ânes" which could mean "bisexual
> donkeys" or "stupid bisexuals" ... how relevant, isn't it ?

What really bothers me is that we don't even have a clear definition of
what (and why) is considered "sexist".

Weboob has a clear meaning (WEB Out Of Browsers), the name is
established, so it's not gonna change just for Debian. If "boob" is so
offensive, we could name it WebOOB in the description. Nevermind that
liboobs, pornview, sextractor, libsexy, libmoosex, libass, are in
Debian, and some don't even have a real meaning behind.

I would suggest to:
* change the name of havesex, it's not very good anyway
* add warnings (like on purity-off / openarena, as they said)
* explicitly ask for comments: that way, we will have more information
   (or the package will be approved due to lack of explicit refusal)

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