[weboob] Two years

Romain Bignon romain at symlink.me
Mon Feb 13 13:11:46 CET 2012

Hi everybody,

Two years ago, Weboob was born! Initially named “dlfp2mail”, because the first
aim of this project was to use mutt to troll on http://linuxfr.org, the final
name “weboob” (Web Out Of Browsers) was chosen on 13 February 2010.

A lot of work has been done since.

There are today 60 modules, 25 applications, 19 capabilities, 27 contributors,
25000 lines of code, and probably several hundred users.
Weboob has been included into several Linux distribution (Debian, Gentoo,
Archlinux, Mandriva, ..), uses a beautiful repositories system to update
modules, a buildbot validates changes every nights, and we have now a beautiful

But there is still much to do.

We have to fix security issues (check HTTPS certificates, use keyrings to store
passwords), enhance user-friendliness of console applications (using argparse to
handle parameters), rewrite Browser classes to be human understandable, and
especially, write documentation.

Of course, our main priority is to maintain current modules, and to develop
several others.

I enjoy the work of each of you, and I hope we will continue to do great things
to free the Web!

A boobevent is scheduled in Paris on Thursday 16 February[1]. If you are
interested to participate and are not in the list of attendees, send me an

Next meets will be a boobathon[2] on Saturday 17 March, and then a lecture at
RMLL (which will take place in Geneva) in July.


[0] http://weboob.org
[1] http://people.symlink.me/~rom1/events/weboob/2012-02-16-two-years.txt
[2] https://symlink.me/projects/weboob/wiki/Boobathon-2012-03
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