[weboob] Weboob 0.a

Romain Bignon romain at symlink.me
Sat Feb 4 16:45:39 CET 2012

Hi guys,

I'm happy to announce that Weboob 0.a will be released tomorrow.

The main new feature is, of course, the repositories system. I have written a
post on Planet Weboob (in french) which talks about how it works:


The main thing you have to know is that now modules are not packaged with
Weboob, but there are dedicated repositories were they are downloaded and
installed by applications when needed. To update (frequently) your modules, to
check if there are new versions (for example for bugfixes related to changes on
websites), just run this command:

$ weboob-config update

Packages are signed to prevent case our server is compromised.

Also, now to develop on weboob modules, you may edit
~/.config/weboob/sources.list to add a line for your local sources, for example:


After an update, only modules from sources are imported by Weboob.

Another major novelty is the respect of XDG specifications. So instead of our
past ~/.weboob/ directory, user files are stored into ~/.config/weboob/ and

The last one is used to store installed modules and icons cache.

Then, we're working a new version of the website, created with hyde, a static
website generator, outside of our redmine project.

You can see it here: http://new.weboob.org

The design will be changed, it's the ugly default CSS provided with hyde.

This new website will come with these features:
- a home page clear and readable, with only main information, a beautiful
  carousel of slides which introduces applications and use cases.
- a modules list page generated from the official repository, with stats of
- user friendly documentation

The redmine wiki will be used only for developers stuff.

Finally, a Boobathon will be organized in Paris on Saturday 17 March 2012. We've
lost the opportunity to do it at Mozilla Europe's building, but another
association will host us, named “Fondation pour le Progrès de L'homme”.

If you want participate, send an email or come on #weboob at freenode.

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