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Romain Bignon romain at symlink.me
Thu Dec 6 09:54:44 CET 2012


On 06/Dec - 01:38, Serme Gabriel wrote:
> I would like to bring this patch, that proposes a solution to the
> problem described here:
> http://lists.symlink.me/pipermail/weboob/2012-June/000581.html
> I've seen this message sometime ago, but had no time to correct it.
> I know propose to pass through two factor authentication when
> required. There is room for improvements, but in the meantime the
> solution works.
> I've tested it within my environment, as I also suffer from the same
> limitation. Boursorama is never able to detect my computer and
> always redirect me to the two factor page prior access to my
> accounts.
> The process is simple. I've added verification step after login. If
> the page is the two authentification page (and that config enables
> SMS sending), the module requests a code to the backend. The user
> receives a SMS on his cellphone, then fill it in the console. The
> user normally has to put one code per session (until boobank ends).
> I provide a small description on the github fork:
> https://github.com/eirmag/weboob. Please look at it, and apply the
> patch to your main repository if you feel he can bring added value
> to others (you can get rid of some commented line probably :D)

Nice patch, but I have some remarks:

- never do print in modules (except for debugging), because users don't
  necessarily use a console application with your module
- same thing for raw_input, you should use the callbacks system (which is not
  documented, yes, my fault)
- to store the PIN code and avoid asking it to user all the time, you can use the
  storage system (see [1] or a module using it, for example dlfp)


[1] http://docs.weboob.org/api/tools/backend.html#weboob.tools.backend.BackendStorage
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