[weboob] boursorama module

Serme Gabriel gabriel at serme.net
Thu Dec 6 01:38:26 CET 2012


I would like to bring this patch, that proposes a solution to the 
problem described here: 
I've seen this message sometime ago, but had no time to correct it. I 
know propose to pass through two factor authentication when required. 
There is room for improvements, but in the meantime the solution works.

I've tested it within my environment, as I also suffer from the same 
limitation. Boursorama is never able to detect my computer and always 
redirect me to the two factor page prior access to my accounts.

The process is simple. I've added verification step after login. If the 
page is the two authentification page (and that config enables SMS 
sending), the module requests a code to the backend. The user receives a 
SMS on his cellphone, then fill it in the console. The user normally has 
to put one code per session (until boobank ends).

I provide a small description on the github fork: 
https://github.com/eirmag/weboob. Please look at it, and apply the patch 
to your main repository if you feel he can bring added value to others 
(you can get rid of some commented line probably :D)

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