[weboob] [gilles.quenot at gmail.com: Re: weboob backend LCL]

Gilles gilles.quenot at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 01:07:05 CET 2011

> There is one issue reported for this patch: the "mode" variable that you
> modify allows the browser to choose any day-based range, up to 90 days
> from what Luc Didry told me when he tested your patch.
> At one point, the history spans over several pages using a pager.
> Ideally, we should be able to :
> 1/ set any day-based range in boobank
> 2/ retrieve all the pages containing the results if the LCL pager is
>     activated.
> Actually, the first point seems to require a modification in the bank
> and/or account capability.
> In my opinion, the second point is mandatory: if we choose to increase
> the history range, we have to be able to grab all the results.
> Therefore, we have to either investigate on the maximum number of transactions
> before the pager activation and then limit the history report to this
> length, or to code whatever is necessary to grab all the results on the
> different pages
> what do you think ?
> Pierre
I think this problem is the same if you have a BIG bunch of movements 
with the default 7 days range.
So I think there's no problem with the patch itself : the goal of my 
patch is to be able to have more than the few default.

I think the best is to grab all transactions, all in one.

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