[weboob] win32 console lib

Romain Bignon romain at peerfuse.org
Thu Mar 31 13:56:39 CEST 2011


On 27/Mar - 16:29, Laurent Dufrechou wrote:
> First link:
> No dependency,uses ctypes
> -> But I need to create two functions for console support like:
> consoleSetBold(True/False)
> consoleSetColor()
> Other advantage I can get also console width with this code...
> Second link:
> Need external dependency but much simpler in that you only need to call
> init() that will wrap sys.stdout to handle ascii chars under win32.
> Bad points: needs user to download another package
> ->can it be integrated into weboob source in "./external" directory? (4/5
> .py files)
> What is your preference?

I prefer the first way, because it doesn't need any external dependency which is
*NOT* packaged in Debian.

It would be nice if you could send a patch quickly, because Weboob 0.7 will be
released… tomorrow (1st April).

> Other point, Can I modify AUTHORS to change my email address? The one
> registered is my job address.

I've fixed your email address, sorry.

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