[weboob] Report of meeting 2011-03-23

Romain Bignon romain at peerfuse.org
Fri Mar 25 17:00:33 CET 2011


A meeting happened between developers this Wednesday 23 March about future of

Were presents:
* Romain Bignon (manager)
* Christophe Benz (developer)
* Julien Hébert (developer)
* Laurent Bachelier (developer)


  * We should write a Firefox plugin to use videoob when browsing on video
    websites to open a player by clicking on a video link.
    -> see around greasemonkey
  * Create a script to give URLs and which will try to find a backend and/or an
    application to handle it, or launch Firefox otherwise.
  * Focus on Qt Applications.
  * Register videoob.org because it's the first interest of users.
  * Reorganisation of the main page of weboob.org to browse website by features
    instead of browsing by applications.


  * Create a Symlink association.
  * Everybody keep their copyrights.
  * Change license to AGPL and contact every contributors.


  * Integrate weboob in Debian.

Rewrite of core

  * CissWit will rewrite the core in C.

  * We will organise "boobathons" (information will come soon).
  * It's difficult to find job in USA.

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