[weboob] Support of bug trackers

Romain Bignon romain at peerfuse.org
Tue Jul 12 09:11:59 CEST 2011


I've finished yesterday the new capability ICapBugTracker, to support bug
trackers like BugZilla or Redmine. With it comes the REPL application
'boobtracker', and Redmine is the first supported backend, to
create/show/edit/comment/remove issues.

boobtracker has the following commands:

    comment ISSUE [TEXT]           add a comment on an issue
    edit ISSUE [KEY [VALUE]]       edit an issue
    get ISSUE                      display an issue
    post PROJECT                   post a new issue on a specific project
    remove ISSUE                   remove an issue (use with caution)
    search PROJECT                 list issues of a project

Commands 'edit' and 'post', in non-interactive mode, can take these arguments
too, to set several parameters directly from command-line instead of being


Also, command 'search' can use that parameters as filter, with the extra
following parameter:


There are several missing features, like the 'attach' command to attach a file
on an issue. Also, currently, filters on 'search' commands for 'assignee',
'target-version', 'category', 'status' or 'author' must be an ID and not a text.

It would be also really interesting to support bugzilla, because there are a lot
of users and it would compete with pybugz.

Usage examples:
$ boobtracker search weboob at symlink --title boobank
$ boobtracker post weboob at symlink
Title: Hello world
Availables: Christophe Benz, Clément Schreiner, Romain Bignon
Assignee: Romain Bignon
Availables: weboob - 0.1, weboob - 0.2, weboob - 0.3, weboob - 0.4, weboob - 0.5, weboob - 0.6, weboob - 0.7, weboob - 0.8, weboob - 0.9, weboob - 1.0, weboob - 2.0
Version: weboob - 1.0
Availables: Misc, Misc / Desktop integration, Misc / Documentation, Misc / i18n, Misc / Packaging, Misc / Tests, Misc / Wiki
Category: Misc
Availables: New, Feedback, Assigned, In progress, To merge, Resolved, Rejected
Status: In progress
Please enter the content of this new issue.
Reading content from stdin... Type ctrl-D from an empty line to stop.
Hello world my issue

$ echo "Hello world my issue" | boobtracker post weboob at symlink \
                                      --title "Yo" \
                                      --assignee "Romain Bignon" \
                                      --target-version "weboob - 0.9" \
                                      --status "In progress"
$ boobtracker edit 803 at symlink.me title Yo zyva
$ boobtracker comment 803 at symlink.me Yeah that's really interesting.


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