[weboob] Request to change the license of Weboob to AGPL

Romain Bignon romain at peerfuse.org
Mon Apr 4 14:07:34 CEST 2011

IMPORTANT: If you are a contributor of Weboob, please read to the end.

Hi everybody,

Because we would protect the freedom of Weboob, we've decided the to change
license of this project from GPLv3 to AGPLv3.

Differences between the two licenses are mainly about the definition of “user”.
With GPLv3, you need to redistribute changes of the code to users, but if you
run a server with Weboob, you are the only user of it, clients are not
considered as users and so you don't need to give the source code of Weboob.
With the GNU Affero General Public License, end-users of an application (based
on Weboob) may get the source code of Weboob.

I let you get more information on this license by reading it:

The only requirement to switch to AGPL is that every authors of Weboob must give
their agreement.

So, if you are in AUTHORS, could you confirm you agree the change of license?


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