[weboob] Git repositories moved

Romain Bignon romain at peerfuse.org
Sun Oct 17 01:51:23 CEST 2010

Hi developers,

As you maybe know, I'm currently migrating the peerfuse.org server which hosted
redmine, git repositories, mailing lists, Debian repositories, buildbot, and
several other minor services, to a new server named symlink.me.

It will be as one goes along, and nobody will perceive any change, because as
I'm a super-sysadmin, the migrating process is imperceptible.

Today, I've migrated redmine, git repositories and buildbot.

The only impacted people are developers, because I have change my own-made
git repositories system to gitosis.

Now, Instead of log into your own account on server until now, there is just a
'gitosis' user. All your SSH public keys have been copied, the only thing you
have to do is to replace, in your .git/config file(s):
   url = git+ssh://<hostname>/var/git/pub/<name>/<repos>.git
   url = git+ssh://gitosis@git.symlink.me/<name>/<repos>.git

Also, you can't use anymore git+ssh to fetch other people's repositories,
please use the public URL which hasn't changed:
   url = git://git.symlink.me/pub/<name>/<repos>.git

If you encounter problems, don't hesitate to ask me.

N.B.: I think that everybody will see that redmine isn't slow anymore!

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