[weboob] backend pour le crédit mutuel

Romain Bignon romain at peerfuse.org
Wed Nov 24 20:28:46 CET 2010


On 24/Nov - 20:10, julien veyssier wrote:
> I just wrote a non finished backend for the website of the Crédit
> Mutuel. It's operationnal but only implements the "list" command of
> boobank. If you give me a public repository, i'll sure make it evolve
> and i'll check where my contribution can be usefull. I'm already
> registered on the redmine under the id "bignookie".

Thanks for your patch. Before merging it, could you replace all tabs in your
code by spaces?

And I don't know what people think, but you should rename your backend to a
more explicit name. I know there is already a backend named CrAgr, but I regret
now all these short names (like BP etc.).
To keep retro-compatibility we can't change their names for now, but we may
introduce new backends with clear names.

What about “creditmutuel”?

Anyway, I can create a public git repository for you, please send me your public
SSH key.

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