[weboob] ICapUpdatable

Romain Bignon romain at peerfuse.org
Wed Mar 31 11:08:45 CEST 2010


Christophe, I see you have added a new capability named ICapUpdatable, to
replace the behavior of the removed ICapMessages.iter_new_messages() method.

I think I understand how it is supposed to work, but this is not exactly what I
wanted to do with iter_new_messages().

Problem is we need to keep a copy of every messages, even we don't care about
them. So for example if you run the 'monboob' daemon (which is the new name of
the 'mail' frontend') for a long period, every new article or comment sent to
user will be infinitely stored in memory.

Also, for example with the DLFP backend, it requires to open all the time every
article pages and return every comments, to then remove every already stored
articles and keep only a few of them.

Instead, I think a good way would be to re-introduce the 'iter_new_messages'
method (without removing 'iter_messages' which is usefull for a graphical
frontend), and the backend takes care of returning only new messages since the
last call.

Of course, this is just a proposal, what do you think about?

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