[weboob] Formatters, Conditions and IDs

Romain Bignon romain at peerfuse.org
Wed Jun 2 12:08:56 CEST 2010

On 02/Jun - 12:02, Christophe Benz wrote:
> Yes, but these are not the examples I expected. I know can be many
> AuM, dlfp, gazelle, etc. instances, but :
> why should an ID represent a different object in different backends?
> For example, in AuM, a profile ID represents the same capability object
> in an instance and in another. Am I wrong?
> Or, a message in dlfp is the same, the instance is not important. Am I
> wrong?

You're wrong. A message on aum for example is private, so dependant on an
instance. When you want to view a profile, you might determine with which
account (because sluts know when you go on their profile), etc.

The most important thing is that I think this is NOT to backends to add suffix
to IDs, but a most generic system, because for example currently when you do a
search with weboorrents, you don't know what is the backend associated to a
result, so you can't get info about one.

Also, having the suffix system before backends allows weboob to call only the
right backend, not to call every backends and let them check if this is for
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