[weboob] Formatters, Conditions and IDs

Christophe Benz christophe.benz at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 00:55:58 CEST 2010

Hi Romain,

Le Sun, 30 May 2010 18:41:09 +0200,
Romain Bignon <romain at peerfuse.org> a écrit :

> Hi Christophe,
> I'm looking at your formatters and conditions, and I would like you
> document these please. There isn't the prettytable formatter? Also
> you should document conditions.

Yes I will write the doc ;-)
For the prettytable I still have to port it to the new formatters API.

> Then, I think it's ugly the current IDs manager. I've seen in the
> youtube backend that you define a YoutubeVideo object with
> '@youtube.com' added to ID.

> You see only the behaviour for backends which are NOT configured, but
> for configured backends it should be the backend ID, and added by the
> frontend.

Hmm, why should an object have a different ID for a different instance
of the backend? For me, the ID belongs to a backend type, not to a
backend instance. I can't find a counter-example... Can you give me

> I don't think your current implementation is right, there are too
> much frontends things backend-side.
> Romain

Christophe Benz

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