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Romain Bignon romain at peerfuse.org
Mon Jul 12 12:08:37 CEST 2010


The Libre Software Meeting is now finished, so we can talk about real releases

I think a first a quick release 0.1 is welcomed, because our users want to have
a way to test Weboob's applications in a stable way and with Debian packages

For this version, we should have stabilize the current APIs (for the core and
storage, mostly). Also, it is *REALLY* important to store version of storage
files (to prevent the recent breaks), and to have capabilities API versions.

Then, we'll be able to have some communication around Weboob (why not with the
link to the future video of our lecture), and encourage people to create
backends or applications, and to INTEGRATE them in our repository.

After that, I think we have to release often to show to the world that we are
reactive to backends evolutions, and we create lot of new backends and
application with more and more features each time.

So, the proposed roadmap is:

weboob 0.1 (2010-07-25):
* Version of capabilities
* Version of storage
* Check that every backends implement every features of capabilities
* A minimal tests system
* Debian packages

weboob 0.2 (2010-08-??):
* Development of new features
* Tools to help developing backends
* Perhaps new backends

It's hard to plan for future release, but please tell me if you are agree with
that short roadmap?

Then I'll create version on redmine and we'll be able to move and create
tickets to explain each task.


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