[weboob] ask for documentation!

Christophe Benz christophe.benz at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 11:00:19 CEST 2010


Crap, there is no doc about the browser and pages.

I understood by reading the code that:

* Browser.location opens a webpage with mechanize
* the Parser parses the DOM
* finds the corresponding class in the Browser.PAGES dict
* calls the Page.loaded method.

Since I only want to match an URL using a regex, and I don't want to
deal with the DOM at all, where do I put the code? Do I have to write a
dedicated parser, and not to use any page, or to use Page.loaded?

I had a problem with StandardParser which did not accept some HTML
code. I used the html5lib parser, like in aum backend.
By the way, would it be possible to have all the parsers available
in weboob.tools.parser(s)?

Christophe Benz

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