[Minbif] Problem with SILC

dumMY's dummys1337 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 17:56:36 CEST 2012


I like your software but i got a little problem.
I want to connect to a SILC server and when i look at your "supported
protocols" :



   - *aim:* AIM
   - *bonjour:* Bonjour
   - *gg:* Gadu-Gadu
   - *icq:* ICQ
   - *irc:* IRC
   - *jabber:* XMPP (includes Google Talk and Facebook Chat)
   - *meanwhile:* Sametime
   - *msn:* MSN
   - *myspace:* MySpaceIM
   - *novell:* GroupWise
   - *qq:* QQ
   - *silc:* SILC
   - *simple:* SIMPLE
   - *yahoo:* Yahoo
   - *zephyr:* Zephyr

SILC is here but when i type /STATS p, there is no SILC available...
I compile your last build in git and enable all plugins,caca, etc...
Can you help me with this issue ?

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