[ass2m] Thermocouple alloy bare wire

Michael Qiu reounsib at ntki.com
Sun Jul 28 17:58:10 CEST 2019

Dear Sir

Glad to know you that your company is making the thermocouple extension cable and some other related cable.

Our factory have more than 20 years in producing all kinds of thermocouple alloy bare wire such as Type K, N, E, T, J.

Our wire include as follows:

Type K , N, E, T, J, KCA,KCB, alloy 11  0.2mm to 1.76mm  
Tinned copper wire
Nickel plated copper wire
Silver plated copper wire
Pure copper wire 

We also can provide the bunched wire such as size 0.2mm*7,  0.3mm*7, 0.3mm*19……

If you are interested in, welcome to send us inquiry and we will try to provide the best price with good quality.

Have a good day.

Kind regards  
Michael Qiu

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